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JCAHO requires that x-ray exposure measurements be determined for commonly used projections in all radiographic suites. In order to provide this information when using Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) or Automatic Brightness Control (ABC) systems, specially designed phantoms must be used. Attenuating material must be used between the source and AEC or ABC detectors. Since these detectors are energy dependent, measurement of skin entrance exposure requires the use of patient-equivalent phantoms for meaningful results.

AAPM Report #31 recommends the use of four special phantoms for use in diagnostic x-rays. These acrylic and aluminum phantoms are patient equivalent, and are specifically designed to conform to the AAPM recommendations.
Patient-equivalent acrylic and aluminum phantoms provide the
  necessary attenuation between the source and AEC or ABC
Helps you comply with JCAHO requirements for radiographic
  exposure measurements

Consists of one 25cm x 25cm x 2 cm piece of high-purity alloy aluminum sandwiched between two sheets of 25cm x 25cm x 2.54 cm clear acrylic
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