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Monitoring Center solution meets even the highest requirements with regard to service and functionality. Monitoring Center administrates and oversees environmental monitoring stations and offers extensive services in the validation, presentation, evaluation and analysis of data. It includes a comprehensive user administration in addition to numerous alarm, reporting and data exchange functions. Monitoring Center can be scaled to applications of varying complexity. Not only does the client-server solution support WINDOWS, UNIX and LINUX, it also offers an integrated, standardized GIS that can superimpose monitoring station data onto a map. The data are primarily stored in ORACLE, however, all other SQL databases can also be used.
The nuclear spectra that are automatically and continuously measured and analysed by the detector are transmitted via GPRS. SARA is suitable for unrestricted outdoor use, even under extreme environmental conditions. As a result of the solar power the monitoring station operates completely autonomously, therefore no infrastructure is required for installation. The station can either be firmly bolted onto a solid concrete base or mounted on any flat surface using the additional base plate.
SARA Detector
Monitoring Center
Enables web-based access to data via the Internet or the intranet. By this means, data can be made available to the general public, for example. However, it also grants operating personnel access to the data of the monitoring system from any location. In this case, the data is password protected to safeguard confidentiality. In Monitoring Center, the nature and extent of any data accessible via the web is user-configurable.