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Air Sampler
Air Samplers for Radiation Detection
JL-900 SNOW WHITE is a high volume air sampler. It is ment for hard, continuous outdoor use. The baseframe structure is so strong that whole unit can easily be installed even on four rocks if neccessary. For installation just connect the mains cord and start sampling.

SNOW WHITE is very easy to use and in the designing work users opinions were listened carefully. Pump control can be made whith frequency converter thus giving possibility for changing volume flow. Panel meters are microprocessor based and they do alla neccessary calculations you need; total volume and total time.

Gas ring vacuum pump   : SIEMENS ELMO-G
Power norm / max.         : 6 kW / 9 kW
Vacuum max.                  : 200 mbar
Volume flow,
      filter carbon               : 300 - 900 m/h
                                           0 - 14 m/h
Filter size,
     particle                       : 570 460 mm
Filters                             : Whatman GF/A
                                          Macherey-Nagel MN 85/90
                                          Camfil Media
Carbon                           : 0.5 l
Covers                           : GRP, glass reinforced
Air pipes, frames           : Stainless steel
Aluminium parts             : Anodized
PDTs                              : HUBA Control
Panelmeters                  : NOKEVAL
Datalogger                    : VAISALA
Weight                           : c. 400 kgh
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